Edició 2018

The ninth edition of BccN, cinema and free culture festival of Barcelona, ​​returns from June 5thto 10>th . A new edition headed by the image with which the designer Javier Jaen gives visual shape to a sensation, to a restlessness: the need to raise the voice from audiovisual to question everything and collectively remind us urgent slogans like We won’t shut up and important as If culture is not free, is not culture. Slogans that are not more repeated are more assumed, as copying is the only way to learn that human beings have or to share is a revolutionary act in the market system in which we live. Messages present in movies, shows, workshops and debates that travel through unknown terrains and open up to experiment without fear but with awareness, without limits but with ethics.

An edition to ask what is the framework of relationship between the local public administration and production and in general the audiovisual culture of proximity and step to question the current relationship of this with the market.An opportunity to re-claim that people have to be at the center of everything and that culture is not a product, nor is it only measured with coins. A space to question and question, to assume contradictions and share successes and failures of the free culture to live them as a collective learning. A learning that let us remind ourselves aloud that we are made of what others say, record, photograph or draw, remind us that in reality “we” are the “others”.

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