Tijera contra papel

5 June - 18:45h Hall CCCB Free access until full capacity is reached

The ninth edition of the BccN Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival reopens its programming in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Culture and the collective No Callarem to fill the Hall of CCCB with activities against the fierce repression of basic rights such as freedom of speech. This sessions is related to the installation “Political Prisoners in Contemporary Spain” and the celebration of the Orwell Day. The presentation of Artists at Risk will be followed by the screening of “Tijera contra papel” and the debate with some defendants and activists.

Documentary that makes an exhaustive review of the role of censorship in the history of the Spanish State. A shout of contempt and alarm before methods of fascism, that never left but that revive hard these days. A movie to visualize that, even though after 80 years in which the repression and censorship have done their work effectively, there is always a resistance. That’s why they are afraid of that. That’s why they are persecuted. Because they are the stones against their scissors.


Direction: Gerard Escuer
Production: Bonzo Producciones
Country: Spain
Language: VO
Year: 2018
Lenght: 110 minuts
License: CC By-Nc-Nd*
*This work contains music that is excluded from the film’s license