Film Concert: Quiero lo eterno + Blood Quartet

7 June - 20:00h Pumarejo 2 euros entry (Pumarejo's quote)

Experience of extreme combination in direct of the music of the group Blood Quartet created for the soundtrack of the controversial film Quiero lo Eterno by Miguel Angel Blanca.

Quiero lo eterno is a fiction where a group of teenagers take a trip to find each other same in another reality. They advance through the darkness of an uninhabited city in search of people that will take them to the ultraexistence. While the world cries out for help, they only seem worried about destroying the past and burning the roots, being the primal generation and not belonging to anything. They want to be the new art, find eternity and then disappear. Teenagers., Lo-fi scifi nihilism and violence to get to the other side.

Blood Quartet are Mark Cunningham (New York, USA -Mars, Pascal Comelade, Lydia Lunch, Arto Lindsay, RAEO, Bèstia Ferida, Don King, Convolution …-) and the members of Murnau B., Lluís Rueda, Càndid Coll and Kike Bela (Barcelona -Autodestrucció, Zeidun, El Petit de Cal Eril, Le Fou …-). A project formed in mid-2015 in the city of Barcelona, ​​which freely expands the roads from no-wave to free-jazz, contemporary music, experimental rock and sound landscaping film dyes, in which the improvisation and the mutation of structures come together in a result of psychotropic chiaroscuro.

Screening followed by talk with Miguel Ángel Blanca, director of the film

Credits Quiero lo Eterno

Direction: MA Blanca
Production: Boogaloo Films
Country: Spain
Lenght: 73 min
Year: 2018
License: CC By-Nc-Nd

Credits Blood Quartet

Mark Cunningham – Trumpet, Guitar
Lluís Rueda – Guitar, Korg MS-10
Kike Bela – Baix, Korg MS-10, Guitar
Candid Coll – Batery, Vocal