Nueve días sin Fidel

8 June - 17:30h MACBA Auditorium Free access until full capacity is reached

On November 25th of 2016, the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, dies in Havana Ruz, at 90 years old. The date marks the beginning of 9 days of official mourning, during which the hectic cuban life is deprived of music and alcohol. They are days that pass between the multitudinous samples of reaffirmation before the “physical disappearance” of the “commander” and the intimate silences. An unpublished trip, guido for the omnipresent television, the days when the people of Cuba reflected on their recent history in front of an uncertain future.


Direction: Jesús Labandeira, Rudy Jordán, Sofia Cabanes
Production: Nueve días sin Fidel
Country: Spain/ Cuba
Language: VO
Length: 45 minutes
Year: 2018
License: CC By-Nc-Nd

Continuous screening with “On Nation” and “Adam Curtis: sin espejo” followed by the debate “Power without images and images without power”