Building memory: spaces that tell stories

6 June - 20:30h Sala Moragues El Born CCM Free access until full capacity is reached

The Artaud Tentative of Ronald Kay is a huge happening extended between 1974 and 2008, it is about a work that is not only coextensive of its own temporality, but works as a measure of the long duration of history settled in the architectural space of a building. La Sangre de Cronos’s premiere in Barcelona, the visual documentation of the Artaud Tentative, offers us the opportunity to discuss the architectural unconscious of memory and the forms of representation of the violence that inhabits all our institutions, in a scenario different from that of their pregnancy, but that shares a strong architectural and historical component: El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria


Ivan Flores, philosopher and director of the FONDART project “Ronald Kay: the work of the virtual”
Lorena D. Ramírez, director the Ronadl Kay archive
Aurora Fernández, art critic and teacher at UCM
Montserrat Iniesta, director of Born Centre Cultura i Memòria
Moderators: Andreu Meixide and Fernando Paniagua, organizers of BccN

Debate preceded by the screening ofLa Sangre de Cronos