Inauguration with Artists at Risk

5 June - 18:00h Hall CCCB Free access until full capacity

The ninth edition of the BccN Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival reopens its programming in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Culture and the collective No Callarem to fill the Hall of the CCCB with activities against the fierce repression of basic rights such as freedom of speech. This session is related to the installation “Political Prisoners in Contemporary Spain” and to the celebration of Orwell Day 2018. The presentation of Artists at Risk will be followed by the screening of “Tijera contra papel” and the debate with several defendants and activists.

The collective in charge of opening the festival is Artist At Risk, with the presence of its founders Marita Muukkonen and Ivor Stodolsky, who will present this initiative, experienced in providing safe routes to artists threatened in their countries for lack of freedom of expression.

ARTISTS at RISK is an institution at the intersection of human rights and the arts of global reach. AR is dedicated to mapping the field of visual art professionals pursued and facilitating their safe move from their countries of origin, lodging them in “AR-Safe Haven Residences” and curating related projects.

Artists, writers, curators, critics and academics are the target of threats and persecution for political reasons in a big part of the world. Perpetuum Mobile, the organization that started with the support of the Finnish Ministry of Culture the seed initiative that ended up being Artists at Risk, conceives the initiative as a platform-network to support these art professionals in times of need. This includes allowing their safe exit from the countries of origin; the obtaining of travel documents; provide legal assistance; and housing the threatened artists in the seven currently active AR-Safe Haven Residences.

The initiative has been awarded with prizes and recognitions of great prestige for its effective and direct task of addressing a human rights problem such as the lack of freedom of expression or political thought in the artistic field.