Conducted screening: Hibridos, os espiritos do Brasil

8 June - 22:30h MACBA Auditorium Free access until full capacity is reached

This trans-cinema project is an experimental-ethnographic study of the current spiritual cults in Brazil, which mixes tradition and modernity. In-depth research has led artists to compile audio-visual recordings of more than 60 different ceremonies throughout the country during the past 3 years. From the Afro-Brazilian cults of Candomblé in Bahia to the new forms of Umbanda in Minas Gerais, from the largest Catholic manifestation in the world in Belém do Pará to new uses of entheogens in São Paulo, from the indigenous ancestral rituals in Acre to the rise of evangelical cults in Rio de Janeiro, the audiovisual collection shows an incredible variety of diversity cultural and ritual forms in constant evolution.

The project is also an investigation into the forms of current cinema and how to “represent the invisible”. With a visual language that combines long shots of intense musical sequences and a contemplative view of the world, the goal is to create a immersion for the viewer, as a personal journey towards the poetry of humanity and the mystical rhythms of syncretism, revealing the deepest expressions of the Brazilian soul. Showing conducted by Julien Colardelle, member of the Hybrids and Petite Planetes team.

Screening conducted by Julien Colardelle, member of the Hibridos and Petites Planetes team.


Direction: Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon
Production: Petites Planetes, Feecer Filmes, Samba Filmes
Country: Brasil
Lenght: 70 minutes
Country: 2017
License: CC By-Nc-Nd