Hard as Indie

9 June - 17:00h MACBA Auditorium Free access until full capacity is reached

In 2008 three friends in their twenties, Carola Rodriguez, Bruno Teixidor and Nicolás Alcalá, decided embark on a visionary project: The Cosmonaut, a transmedia film that wanted to create an alternative to the production model used so far. Funded by crowdfunding, under creative commons license and with the aim of being premiered simultaneously on TV, cinemas and for free in Internet; the Cosmonaut was the project that everyone was talking about. Three years later, with more than 4,000 producers and € 250,000 of their budget obtained through crowdfunding, Riot Cinema Collective traveled to Latvia to shoot the film … but instead of being the end of their problems, it would be only the beginning.

Screening followed by a talk with Arturo M. Antolín, director of the film


Direction: Arturo M. Antolin
Production: Hard As Indie
Country: Spain
Language: VOSE
Lenght: 92 minutes
Year: 2018
License: CC By-Nc-Sa

Screening followed by the debate “Is filming going to end? Rethinking the audiovisual locally”