Musicalized polipoesy: the shout in heaven

9 June - 22:30h MACBA Auditorium Frre entrance until full capacity is reached

With no doubt, El Grito en el cielo is one of the literary sensations of the year. The political and erotic book of Javier Gallego ‘Crudo’ has received praise from greats such as Raúl Zurita, Antonio Oriola, Belén Gopegui or Isaac Rosa and has reached its second edition in just two months.

From your presentation with Nacho Vegas at the Teatro del Barrio, Javier has been exploring different formats to make him known until reaching the next one: a recital with live music from the avant-garde collective of free song and performance SEWARD with Crudo himself playing a second drums in some songs, plus the videos of McNulty and the incendiary duo Los Voluble. As they have said: “more than a shout, it is a host: it is punk, full of speed and rhythm. “