8 June - 20:15h MACBA Auditorium Free access until full capacity is reached

Belén, wise immortal warrior of daily battles, queen of Quitiplá, of bamboo, its sounds and silences. Humble cocoa farmer and musician from a small Afro-Venezuelan town. Queen mother, common ancestor for the elongated family of the african Diaspora, its historical struggles and the ringing of its drums. Inspiration, spirit, resonant: Belen. An unusual portrait that gives space to evocation and representation of memory. A journey towards the reminiscences of his life (and death) captured in more tan 100 hours of found footage, and evoked in the mirror gestures of multiple points of view. A path towards the understanding of the power of music, of humble and authentic actions, for social transformation.

Screening followed by a talk with Adriana Vila Guevara, director fo the film


Direction: Adriana Vila Guevara
Production: Crater Producciones / Secuencia Cero Films
Country: Spain, Venezuela
Language: VOSE
Length: 94 minutes
Country: 2017
License: CC By-Nc-Nd