Workshop: self production and online distribution in the digital age

8 June - 10:00h Classroom 0 MACBA Free access with previous incription

Workshop given by Julien Colardelle, producer and collaborator of Vincent Moon that will allow us to know the secrets with which this French director has created the last 8 years the Petites platform / portal Planetes, one of the most interesting experiences in terms of creating a digital community through the audiovisual with natural logic to the network.

Petites Plan├Ętes is a project currently underway consisting of films, music recordings, cinema representations, immersive installations and photographic works of art created by the french artists Priscilla Tellmon and Vincent Moon. The goal of the Petites Plan├Ętes collection is to explore the boundaries between cinema, music and the expanded forms of modern rituals. His vision moves between the areas of documentary creation, ethnographic research and film experimentation. They collaborate with hundreds of communities around the world, constantly changing their location according to the projects they are working on and the meetings they do. All work is shared free access to the web in its web portal under Creative Commons license.

Julien Colardelle has been collaborating with Vincent Moon for a long time, they have produced several movies and performances around the world. He is currently developing different projects trans-cinema with Priscilla Telmon and Vincent Moon and his label Petites Planetes. Julien directed and produced documentaries and short films, such as portraits of choreographers Carolyn Carlson and Elsa Wolliaston, and One Two, a series of drama and comedy centered on musicians behind the scenes in 5 different countries, between many other jobs in the professional film industry.

*Workshop in English with simultaneus translation