Adam Curtis: Sin espejo

8 June - 17:30h MACBA Auditorium Free access until full capacity is reached

Interview conducted by the Soy Cámara team (the CCCB program) in which Curtis talks about his movies, but also from the current system of technocrats who think they rule the world, from WikiLeaks or Snowden, of the control through the terror, of Donald Trump and other “symptoms” of the complex today’s world.

(A piece of the Soy Cámara in collaboration with the MNCARS).


Direction: Andrés Hispano, Felix Perez-Hita
Production: Soy Cámara, CCCB
Country: Spain
Language: VOSE
Lenght: 22 minutes
Year: 2018
License: CC by-Nc-Nd

Continuous screening with “Nueve días sin Fidel” and “On Nation” followed by the debate “Power without images and images without power”